Expert Gas Furnace Repair Services: Bert’s Inc. Ensuring Warm Winters in Newport News, VA

A reliable gas furnace becomes the cornerstone of a cozy home as the temperatures drop in Newport News, VA. Bert’s Inc. Heating & Air, based in Newport News, is the trusted local expert in gas furnace repair services. With a focus on addressing common furnace problems and providing expert solutions, Bert’s Inc. is your go-to partner for keeping your home warm and comfortable.

1.   What Are the Most Common Furnace Problems? Gas furnaces, like any heating system, can encounter various issues. Bert’s Inc. understands the nuances of gas furnace problems, from ignition issues to thermostat malfunctions, ensuring a prompt and effective diagnosis and repair.

2.   Cleaning Dirty Ductwork: As time passes, dust and other particles may build up in the ducts of your gas furnace, causing airflow to be obstructed and decreasing its efficiency. Bert’s Inc. offers comprehensive ductwork cleaning services, ensuring optimal airflow and improved heating performance.

3.   Changing Filters: Regular filter changes are essential for maintaining the efficiency of your gas furnace. Bert’s Inc. technicians recommend and provide filter replacement services, preventing blockages and maintaining clean air circulation throughout your home.

4.   Fixing the Starting Mechanism: A gas furnace that struggles to start may have issues with the ignition system or other starting mechanisms. Bert’s Inc. specializes in diagnosing and fixing starting mechanism problems, ensuring reliable ignition and consistent heating.

5.   Fixing Blower Components: A malfunctioning blower can lead to uneven heating and decreased efficiency. Bert’s Inc. technicians are experts in identifying and fixing blower component issues, ensuring the even distribution of warm air throughout your home.

6.   Replacing the Heat Exchanger: The proper functioning of the entire gas furnace system relies heavily on the heat exchanger, making it a crucial component. Any damage or malfunction in the heat exchanger can potentially jeopardize the entire system. Bert’s Inc. offers expert heat exchanger replacement services to restore your furnace’s efficiency.

7.   Fixing the Limit Switch: The limit switch regulates the fan, ensuring that warm air circulates appropriately. If your gas furnace is experiencing issues with the limit switch, Bert’s Inc. technicians can diagnose and repair the problem promptly.

8.   Repairing Your Thermostat: A malfunctioning thermostat can lead to temperature inconsistencies and increased energy consumption. Bert’s Inc. specializes in repairing and, if necessary, replacing thermostats to maintain precise control over your home’s heating.


Bert’s Inc. Heating & Air is your trusted partner for gas furnace repair services in Newport News, VA. Our skilled techs are dedicated to keeping your home warm and comfortable. From diagnosing common furnace problems to providing expert solutions for issues like dirty ductwork, starting mechanism failures, and heat exchanger replacements—Contact Bert’s Inc. today for reliable gas furnace repair services tailored to your needs.

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