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Residential Air Conditioning Services Newport News | The changing seasons to include Summertime and early Fall in Hampton Roads can feel like living at the equator. Moreover, if your home air conditioning is not working correctly makes for uncomfortable living spaces. There isn’t much that is more miserable than coming home to a humid-sweltering house. Therefore, let Bert’s Inc. provide you with the air conditioning maintenance and home air conditioning you need to keep everyone comfortable and happy during the summer!

Home Owners Air Conditioning

Being a homeowner is a tough job. One of the most challenging decisions you face is whether to have your air conditioner repaired or replaced. Here’s some of the critical evidence you should consider as you try to reach your verdict:

Residential Air Conditioning Services Newport News

Is your system more than ten years old?
Is it inefficient and out of date?
Are your energy bills higher than you expected?
Is your AC breaking down frequently?
Does your system use R22 refrigerant?
Is your unit no longer keeping your house fresh?
Are there uneven pockets of hot and cold air throughout your home?
Are your repair bills too high?

Critical Home Air Conditioning Issues

These issues are critical because a system that’s too small or too large for your needs will run inefficiently, compromising your comfort and costing you money. A system that’s too large for your needs will short cycle and fail to remove humidity.

Meanwhile, a system that’s too small for your space will run longer than it should and, despite that, still be unable to meet your cooling needs. Dirty condenser coils, loose wires, dirty drain lines can all cause your cooling system to run longer and harder, which lowers your system’s effectiveness while also raising your energy bill!

Many companies will advertise a ‘check-up special’ meant to make you believe that you are getting all of the maintenance you need to have your A/C unit running at peak capacity. However, many of these ‘check-ups’ do not include all the necessary support required for the effectiveness of your system! Also, see Home Air Conditioning Repair

Emergency AC Repair

If you notice any of the following signs and symptoms with your home’s unit, call Bert’s Inc, a licensed HVAC professional right away. We service all major brands. Mild outside temperatures can reduce the “urgency” of an AC repair emergency, but if you’re in the middle of a heatwave or humidity levels are affecting your home’s comfort. To help prevent HVAC emergencies, we offer Preventive Maintenance Packages.

New Air Conditioning Systems

If you need a new air conditioning system, we will provide you with the ideal AC system that best fits your needs, giving you the best quality at the best price! HVAC Financing is also available for buyers with approved credit, so don’t wait! Call us today, or schedule service online!

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