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Tips for Reducing Cooling Costs This Summer

1. Maintain your Cooling Systems.
No, it is not enough to use just an energy-efficient air conditioning unit and have a programmable thermostat installed. When you don’t take care of your equipment then it won’t take care of you during those hot summer days. Dirt-covered air conditioning filters block airflow and make it harder for air to circulate and cool your home. Cleaning your air filters or replacing filters once per month will lower an AC’s energy consumption. If you have a central cooling system be sure to keep your floor registers clear of dust, or furniture. If you have a unit outside make sure to keep it clear of leaves and debris so you can have it running at its top performance.

2. Schedule Routine Maintenance
There are certainly several advantages to having an expert from Bert’s Inc, a Heating and Cooling company, come out to your home to service your home. If you have done all the above and are still facing an uncomfortable home or high energy bills, a professional will thoroughly check your unit and make sure all the inner components, like the drain and condenser fan are proper maintenance. This will help keep your heating and cooling system performing at top-rate efficiency, but it will also help you spot little problems that can turn into expensive repairs.

3. Fan How They Help
Fan help circulate the air in your rooms and it just makes it more comfortable. A ceiling fan helps move cooler air more efficiently. Using a fan in your home can make your room feel 4-6 degrees cooler and increase circulation.

4. Heat Buildup During the Day.
When it gets really hot outside and the temperature exceeds the temperature inside your home try to avoid activities to add to the heat. Examples include dishwashers, dryers, stovetops, and ovens. All of these examples lead to heat buildup and can cause you to spend more on your electric bill. Some good examples of how to save some money and avoid heat build-up are, grill outside, wash your dishes in the sink, and save all the dishes to be run in the dishwasher at night. When the temperature drops you get a better rate on your electric bill.

5. Run your AC unit more frugally.
When you are out all day who is in your home using the air conditioning? The answer is no one, when everyone is gone for the day you don’t need your home to be nice and chilly that’s a waste of electricity when no one is there to enjoy it. No, we don’t recommend you turning the temperature up when you leave the home. By installing a programmable thermostat can set your thermostat to your routine. If you work at 7 am then set the thermostat to change the temperature to 70-75 degrees while you are gone, and when you come back at 4 pm have the air conditioning kick back on to bring the temperature back down to whatever temperature you enjoy before you get home. Remember the smaller the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures throughout the summer season, the less you will spend. Set your AC’s thermostat to 77ºF instead of 70ºF if you don’t mind it a little warm and you could get as much as 18% off your summer cooling costs.

6. Keep Blinds, Shades, and Curtains Closed
When completely closed or lowered on a sunny window, highly reflective blinds can reduce heat gain in your house by almost half. The lighter the color of the blinds, the more they’ll deflect the sun’s scorching rays. Consider insulated and/or reflective shades, which will also save you money come heating season.

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The experts at Bert’s Inc, a Heating and Cooling Company, will ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible so you are saving energy and money in your home all year round.
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