Ductless Air Conditioning Hampton VA

Ductless Air Conditioning Hampton VA

Myths About Ductless Air Conditioners

Ductless Air Conditioning Hampton VA | Ductless air conditioners have become popular with Hampton Roads homeowners to combat humid Virginia weather. On the other hand, others are reluctant due to many misconceptions they’ve heard about. Consequently, Bert’s Inc (Heating, Cooling, and Refrigeration) is here to share common myths about ductless A/C.

Ductless systems are bad for good for air quality.

Homeowners mistakenly believe that ductless air conditioners collect and disperse airborne contaminants and unpleasant odors into the air. The truth of the matter is these systems have air filters and other helpful features that keep harmful particles out of your air.

The only way this myth may be true is if you choose not to contact Bert’s Inc at 757-887-0652 and have their service clean and replace your air filters regularly or if you ignore scheduling a maintenance service. We offer Preventative Maintenance contracts for all HVAC Equipment.

Ductless systems are bad for good for air quality.

For homeowners who do not understand how ductless systems work, this myth may sound very compelling. The thing is, these units are designed to adapt to each individual’s comfort level. Each room has its own controls, and the homeowner can decide which room temperature they want.

If someone gets hot too easily, they can set their temperature lower, and if someone gets too cold, they can change their room’s temperature without disrupting the other person’s cool air. With the ductless system, you are free to set a standard of temperature that you like for that specific space.

Not because each room has a differing temperature, it does not mean your home experiences irregular cooling.

Ductless systems eliminate energy loss.

Because it is not duct-work with this AC unit, some homeowners think it could eliminate energy loss. Energy loss can still occur if your home is filled with gaps and cracks. If you don’t schedule regular maintenance for your system, you will also experience more energy loss. While ductless mini-split systems are often more energy-efficient, this one is a myth.

Ductless Air Conditioning Hampton VA

Take it from our specialists! Ductless air conditioners can be an effective and efficient option for your home. But if you want to know the best A/C type for your kind of space, then don’t hesitate to talk to our experts at Bert’s Inc at 757-887-0652 today. We provide A/C services in the Hampton Roads area.

HVAC Financing is also available for buyers with approved credit, so don’t wait! Call us today, or schedule service online!

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