Expert Residential Furnace Repair Services in Newport News, VA: Bert’s Inc.

In the heart of Newport News, VA, residents trust Bert’s Inc. Heating & Air as the leading expert in residential furnace repair services. Our highly trained technicians at Bert’s Inc. are devoted to upholding high standards and ensuring your home stays cozy and comfortable year-round. Whether it’s air conditioning repairs or thermostat adjustments, count on us to be your trusted partner for all your needs.

1.   Air Conditioning Repair and AC Repair: Bert’s Inc. understands the significance of a properly operating air conditioning system, particularly in the scorching heat of summer. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to providing specialized air conditioning repair services, guaranteeing that your home remains cool and comfortable, even during extreme heat.

2.   Furnace Repair: As temperatures drop, a reliable furnace is essential for a cozy home. Bert’s Inc. excels in residential furnace repair, addressing issues such as ignition problems, blower malfunctions, and thermostat issues promptly to keep your heating system running smoothly.

3.   Ductless Heating and Cooling: For homes without traditional ductwork, ductless heating and cooling systems offer an efficient solution. Bert’s Inc. Heating & Air provides expert installation and repair services for ductless systems, ensuring precise temperature control and energy efficiency.

4.   Heating and Cooling Services: Bert’s Inc. is your one-stop solution for comprehensive heating and cooling services in Newport News. Our skilled technicians provide dependable and effective solutions customized to meet your household requirements, whether it’s for regular upkeep, urgent fixes, or system enhancements.

5.   HVAC Installation: For installation of a new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, Bert’s Inc. is the reliable option when the time comes. Our skilled technicians guide you through the selection process and ensure a seamless installation, optimizing your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

6.   Cleaning Dirty Ductwork and Changing Filters: Bert’s Inc. emphasizes the importance of clean ductwork and regularly changing filters for optimal system performance. Our technicians provide thorough ductwork cleaning and recommend and replace filters to maintain a healthy and efficient heating and cooling system.

7.   Fixing the Starting Mechanism and Fixing Blower Components: Issues with the starting mechanism or blower components can affect the efficiency of your furnace. Bert’s Inc. technicians are skilled in diagnosing and fixing these problems, ensuring a reliable and consistent heating experience.

8.   Replacing the Heat Exchanger, Fixing the Limit Switch, Repairing Your Thermostat: Bert’s Inc. specializes in addressing critical components such as heat exchangers, limit switches, and thermostats. The skilled technicians on our team perform accurate replacements and repairs to guarantee that your furnace is functioning at its highest level of efficiency.


Bert’s Inc. Heating & Air is your trusted partner for residential furnace repair services in Newport News, VA. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, our dedicated team of technicians ensures that your home remains a haven of comfort. Contact Bert’s Inc. today for unparalleled expertise and reliable solutions tailored to your residential heating and cooling needs.


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