HVAC Home Repair

HVAC Home Repair


It’s back to school time, where everyone is trying to get on a schedule for school, work, and family life. Trying to make sure the kids stay up on their homework and making sure they make it to their extracurricular activities on time.

Time Spent Home

Due to covid the last few years have been spent inside and online, and not a lot has changed. But no matter what your “back to school” looks like you want to make sure you are comfortable in your home.

Students need to feel like they can stay focused when they are working on homework, or schoolwork throughout the day. If the temperature in your home gets too high, it can be very distracting to young learners who can only focus on how uncomfortable they are.

Whether they are learning online or in the classroom, they still need a suitable space to learn and grow.

HVAC Repair & Preventative Maintenance:

If your home is comfortable this could allow your kids to focus better. Regardless of the season, whether it’s warm outside or cold, you will want to make sure that your A/C and furnace are working effectively.

If you have any issues with your air conditioning or heating system, call Bert’s Inc. at 757-887-0652 to come and fix the issue. We also offer preventative maintenance packages – we would come out twice a year to make sure your unit is up and running all year long.

Don’t put off making that call. The longer repairs go unattended the more expensive repairs will be.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is important. Dust and dander build-up in your vents can cause poor air quality. Make sure to have our professionals at Bert’s Inc. come out and make sure you are breathing the best air quality for you and your family.

You may also look at improving your air quality by use of a UV Light, which will purify your indoor air. Because this UV Light assists in destroying viruses and bacteria within the home, you can expect to boost the overall health of your family.

Speak with our Technicians at 757-887-0652 about the installation of a UV Light today.

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