Expert Furnace Services Nearby: Bert’s Inc. in Newport News, VA

As winter approaches, ensuring that your furnace is in peak condition becomes essential for a warm and cozy home. Bert’s Inc. is your local go-to source for reliable and comprehensive furnace services in Newport News, VA. Specializing in thorough furnace tune-ups, Bert’s Inc. is dedicated to checking, adjusting, cleaning, testing, and lubricating all essential components to keep your heating system running efficiently.

Furnace Tune-Ups: A Comprehensive Approach

At Bert’s Inc., our furnace tune-up services go beyond the ordinary, meticulously examining every crucial element in your heating system. Our skilled technicians follow a comprehensive furnace maintenance checklist, ensuring that your furnace is primed for optimal performance throughout the winter season.

1.   Inspecting the Vent System and Air Intake Grilles: Proper ventilation is critical to the efficient operation of your furnace. Our technicians carefully inspect the vent system and air intake grilles, identifying any potential blockages that could impede airflow. Clearing away debris and blockages is crucial in maintaining a consistent and reliable heat supply to your home.

2.   Cleaning and Clearing Blockages: As time passes, dust, dirt, and debris may build up in your furnace, impacting its performance. The technicians at Bert’s Inc. conducted a comprehensive cleaning to eliminate obstructions from vents, ducts, and other parts of the system.This ensures unrestricted airflow, preventing overheating and extending the lifespan of your furnace.

3.   Adjusting and Lubricating Components: Wear and tear on moving parts can impact your furnace’s performance. Our technicians are skilled in adjusting and lubricating components such as belts, bearings, and motors. By conducting regular maintenance, he minimizes friction and wear, thereby enhancing the efficiency and lifespan of your heating system.

4.   Testing Essential Components: To guarantee the reliability of your furnace, our technicians conduct comprehensive testing of essential components. This includes the ignition system, thermostat, safety controls, and more. Identifying potential issues before they escalate allows us to make necessary adjustments and repairs, ensuring your furnace operates seamlessly.


Bert’s Inc. in Newport News, VA, is your trusted partner for expert furnace services. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our comprehensive furnace tune-ups, which encompass inspecting the vent system, clearing blockages, and adjusting and lubricating essential components. When you choose Bert’s Inc. for your furnace maintenance needs, you can count on a warm and comfortable home throughout the winter. Get in touch with us now to book your furnace tune-up and discover the dependability and skill that Bert’s Inc. Heating & Air offers to the people of Newport News.

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