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AC Installation Companies Newport News | Choosing Your AC Systems

Choosing a new air conditioning system can be a challenging task since it is a large investment. Research to find an AC unit that suits your unique needs is particularly important. Finding the right AC unit is not just about finding the best brand or the best model. Below are a few basics to guide you in choosing the right AC unit.

Finding the Right Size Air Conditioning HVAC System

One of the first and most important factors to consider while choosing an AC unit is the size. Air conditioning is not just about cooling your home but also involves dehumidifying the air indoors. Getting rid of the excess moisture is crucial in keeping your home free of mold.

Keeping these two functions in mind when determining the size of your AC unit is important.

Choosing a system with a capacity that is too large, can cause it to turn on and off often and wear down its mechanical parts faster. Choosing an air conditioning system with a capacity that is too small, will make the system overwork and run all the time which can cause large energy bills.

Bert’s Inc a licensed HVAC company will help you match the right size AC unit to your home. Our experts will evaluate different factors to determine the size of equipment that will suit your needs.

AC Energy Efficiency vs AC Cost

Air conditioners are expensive to operate due to the rising cost of energy.

Knowing the air conditioner’s energy efficiency before you purchase it is important. Energy efficiency refers to the unit’s ability to convert electricity into cooling cost-effectively.

Every homeowner wants maximum cooling for minimum costs. Cheaper HVAC systems do not necessarily mean saving money. It might cost more money through increased running and maintenance costs. Although an energy-efficient system may cost a few more dollars, it will most likely pay for itself down the line.

Air Conditioner HVAC Features

Looking at other special features of an air conditioning system before you purchase it is just as important.

Some AC units will be accompanied with a programmable thermostat that can help you save a lot of money in the long run. By utilizing a programmable thermostat, you can reduce your cooling cost by at least 10 percent.

Other features such as touchpad control, built-in digital timers, smart home automation, and home comfort zoning will also help you save more on your energy bills and improve the overall efficiency of your system.

Always pay greater attention to features that will affect the unit’s performance and efficiency. Attraction to an AC unit simply because it has a lower price tag may cause bigger bills down the road.

New Air Conditioning HVAC Systems

If you need a new air conditioning system, we will provide you with the ideal AC system that best fits your needs, giving you the best quality at the best price! HVAC Financing is also available for buyers with approved credit, so don’t wait! Call us today, or schedule service online!

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