WiFi Smartphone thermostats

WiFi smart phone thermostats

Wireless smart thermostats go above and beyond the features of a programmable model to deliver an effortless indoor comfort experience. With a wireless thermostat, you’ll get:

• Effortless programming: A smart thermostat learns your schedule and preferences, keeping you comfortable without the need to adjust temperatures or set schedules on your part
• Wireless connectivity: Control your thermostat from your smartphone, tablet or computer
• Usage data: Your smart thermostat compiles data regarding your energy usage for your review, so you can further fine-tune your HVAC system usage to maximize your savings
• Maintenance alerts and diagnostics: Smart thermostats help you stay on top of system maintenance, alerting you when it’s time to change the filter or providing diagnostics to assist in system repair


While actual savings will vary from home to home based on factors such as temperature preferences and energy costs, installing a smart thermostat offers the potential for significant savings. According to ENERGY STAR, correct use of a programmable thermostat will save you approximately $180 per year. The big IF with a programmable thermostat is whether or not you’re using it correctly — since a smart thermostat eliminates the element of user error with a programmable thermostat, it’s safe to say you’ll have comparable savings.

Many smart thermostat manufacturers offer online savings calculators which can help you determine your potential savings based on the area in which you live. It’s no secret — a smart thermostat is going to cost you more than a programmable model. Some smart thermostats feature easy installation that a homeowner can complete on their own, while others require professional installation, further raising your costs. With the hefty price tag on a smart stat, many homeowners question if it’s really worth the cost. Our answer is yes.

The energy savings achieved by smart thermostat usage will allow the equipment to pay for itself over time. If you currently have a manual thermostat, upgrading to a smart stat is certainly going to be worth it, because of the energy savings it will help you gain by taking system adjustments out of your hands (user errors and forgetfulness account for a great deal of energy waste). If you already have a programmable thermostat and are using it properly, a smart stat can still help you save. The data it provides and advanced features will help you fine-tune your energy use. Since you’re already using a programmable stat, the payback period may be longer.


How does a wireless thermostat work?
A wireless thermostat connects to the internet in your home so you can control it remotely using an app on your smartphone, computer, tablet or other smart device. The app allows you to remotely control the thermostat and the thermostat settings.

How do I install a wireless thermostat?

You can install the thermostat yourself using the directions that come with the thermostat or contact an HVAC professional to install the wireless thermostat control system for you.

Which wireless thermostat should I choose?

You should buy the wireless thermostat that best fits your needs and can connect easily with your home’s HVAC system

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