Home Heating Safety Newport News

Home Heating Safety Newport News

Have Your Furnace Checked

Bert’s Inc a professional HVAC company will check your furnace to determine if it is running efficiently. The heating technician will ensure that all electrical connections, safety controls, wiring and piping are all secure and working normally. Bert’s Inc will let you know if your system is showing any signs of wear. Having your HVAC system serviced will save you time, money and help keep your family safe.

Furnace and Vents

Keep all debris away from vents and furnace. Maintaining proper air flow around your furnace and vents will insure your systems works efficiency and no safety issues arise.
Make sure items like rags, boxes, loose paper and any flammable materials are kept away from heating equipment.

Clean the Chimney

Have your chimney cleaned once a year. It is possible a small animal has built a nest in the chimney or on top of the screens. We have many storms in this area causing debris to build in your chimney. Creosote can also build up within an un-cleaned chimney and cause fires. Have a professional check your chimney before using it.

Other Heat Sources

When cold weather comes and your furnaces give out, don’t use equipment like ovens to stay warm. This can cause harm to you and your family.
If your furnace goes out please call Bert’s Inc for immediate service 757-887-0652. We take calls 24/7 and we do not charge overtime fees, trip fees or weekend rates. Do not turn to makeshift heat sources.

Portable Heaters – Turn Them Off

Many people turn to space heaters when the weather turns cold. Review the instructions and warning labels on these products before using them. DO NOT LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED. Leaving the room or going to bed will make it impossible to notice a fire hazard.
Space heaters account for about 80% of home heating fire deaths each year. Using them properly, and turning them off when they’re not being monitored, is critical to not becoming a statistic.

Smoke Detectors

The fire department reminds us to change the batteries in our smoke detectors when the time changes twice a year. If you haven’t done so, change those batteries when you turn on your furnace for the first time. Keeping your smoke detector in good working order will make sure your family is alerted to a fire, if one should occur. Maintaining a good alert system is crucial to getting out of the home safely.

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