Heavy Rains Can Destroy Your Air Conditioner

Heavy Rains Can Destroy Your Air Conditioner

How Does Rain Affect My Air Conditioner?

Spring is here, time for rounds of storms. Storms in Virginia crank up the temps and causes damage. The weather in Virginia will give your air conditioning unit a workout. You may not realize these storms, that are so common in the spring, can do real damage to your AC. Below are some things to look out for.

Debris Can Damage AC Components

Rain most likely will not destroy an outdoor AC unit but high winds can knock foreign objects such as tree branches into the condenser fan grille, or blow leaves and other debris inside. Have a technician inspect the unit for any damage following a storm with heavy winds.

Flooding Ruins Electrical Elements

Several inches of rainfall should not harm an AC unit, but standing water from flooding could definitely affect it. If flood waters remain less than 15 inches deep, the water should not reach the moving parts and electrical components of the outdoor unit. If you experience more severe flooding, have an HVAC technician perform an inspection before you turn the unit back on.

Rain Can Lead to AC Rust and Corrosion

Fortunately, rainfall will evaporate with enough ventilation. Homeowners might be tempted to cover the outdoor component of their AC unit when not in use. However, unless the protective cover has proper ventilation, this could actually trap extra moisture inside, exposing internal components to damage from wire rot, rust and corrosion.

Varmin Seek Shelter in AC Units

The wind and rain may cause damage to your A/C unit but sometimes it’s the creatures trying to avoid the storms that can cause more damage. If your unit has been off because the temps dropped as the storm blew in or maybe it’s been off all winter and this is the first storm of the spring season, that quite metal box could be an invitation to tiny critters looking for shelter. If your AC has been off, animals may actually be living in it. Nesting materials jam moving parts and some animals see your AC wires as an easy snack.

Hail and Lightning

Heavy rainstorms sometimes bring hail. Although we don’t see hail often in Virginia, it has been known to happen with strong thunder storms. Hail can damage the unit. Lightning striking your AC does not happen often, it is possible that it can strike your house and cause an electrical surge. Power surges often damage your home’s electronics and mechanicals, including your AC. Installing a whole-house power surge protector could keep this from happening.

Are your concerned about the condition of your AC? Bert’s Inc has certified technician we will send out to check your unit quickly and perform an AC inspection. Contact us today and beat the summer rush.

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