Emergency AC Repair Newport News

Emergency AC Repair Newport News | How to Know if You Need Emergency AC Repair

From refrigerant leaks and drainage issues to faulty compressor fans, there are many problems that can pop up in your AC unit.

Issues become apparent as units kick into full use during spring and summer. Below are some symptoms that might indicate an Air Conditioning Unit Emergency. If you notice any of the following signs and symptoms with your home’s unit, call Bert’s Inc a licensed HVAC professional right away.

AC Is Not Working

It might seem obvious, but if you’ve tried the usual easy fixes like checking the thermostat settings and battery, confirming the power is working, and checking and/or replacing the air filters, then it’s time to shut the system down completely before further damage to the unit occurs.

A professional can then diagnose and repair the system before it gets turned back on.

Ice on Your AC Unit

In high temperatures, it might seem unusual to see ice on your AC unit. The evaporator coil freezes when the refrigerant flowing through the copper tubes gets too cold which, in turn, causes the moisture in the surrounding air to freeze.

The most common reason this happens is a freon leak. Freon is a dangerous substance and can seriously affect you and your family’s health. Call in Bert’s Inc immediately.

Spike in Your AC Home Electricity Bills

Higher bills are normal during peak times during summer and winter, sudden, and unprecedented change could be a sign of a wiring problem.

Smell Something Strange from your AC

AC units in good working order should never give off an odor. A burning smell emitting from your HVAC system is not a good sign and could indicate either a chemical leak or a serious electrical problem. If you smell something unusual, cut off power to the system and contact Bert’s Inc immediately

Keep Your Air Conditioning System Maintained

Mild outside temperatures can reduce the “urgency” of an HVAC emergency, but if you’re in the middle of a heatwave or humidity levels are affecting your home’s comfort, Call Bert’s Inc.

To help prevent HVAC emergencies, Bert’s Inc offers Preventive Maintenance Packages. The benefits of regular maintenance are measurable:

Lower energy bills.
Fewer emergency calls and repairs.
Longer equipment life.

Stay on top of your HVAC system’s maintenance by CALLING BERT’S INC TODAY!
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