Tips to keep your systems running at their best


Your heating and cooling system will work most efficiently if you set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature (68-72 for heating and 74-78 for cooling) and leave it there rather than continually adjusting it. Programmable thermostats can provide a significant energy savings. The thermostat can be set at a reduced setting overnight or during the day while you’re at work, and be set to raise the temperature to your normal setting before you wake up or return from work. These thermostats are available in a 5 day/2 day format to allow you to program separate settings for the weekend. Call Bert’s Inc. for more information and prices for adding a programmable thermostat to your heating and cooling system.

Caring for Your Heating and Air Conditioning Unit

If your heat pump or air conditioner unit freezes up, or is making an unusual noise, there may be a problem. First check your unit’s air filter. Clean or replace as needed for proper air flow. If this doesn’t solve the problem, we recommend having your system serviced by a qualified technician. Bert’s Inc. will assure your unit is repaired properly and running at optimal efficiency.

Heat Pumps

In the winter it’s important to keep your outdoor heat pump clear of shrubbery, leaves, snow and ice. When it’s cold and damp, this outdoor unit will accumulate frost and ice. When this happens the unit goes into the defrost cycle, which causes the fan to shut off and the outdoor coils to heat up to melt the frost and ice. The “smoke” you may see coming from the unit is actually steam and is not cause for alarm.

Gas Furnaces

Always make sure the furnace’s combustion air inlet and exhaust pipe (PVC elbow) are not obstructed by shrubbery, leaves, snow or ice. A clogged exhaust will cause the furnace to lock out and shut down. This situation will require a service call to correct. If water appears to be leaking from the inside of your furnace or air handler, you probably have a clogged condensate drain. If you don’t keep your filter clean, dirt can collect on your coil and fall off into the drain pan, causing the drain to clog.

Call Bert’s Inc. Home Comfort Team to schedule a service call to correct the problem. Regular servicing of your heating and cooling system will usually prevent this problem.

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