Is it time to Replace or Repair your A/C Unit?

Consider these factors before deciding whether your A/C needs to be replaced or repaired.

Hampton Roads is know for it’s warm weather. A working Air Conditioning unit is essential for being comfortable in your own home. A few signs should give you an idea whether you should invest in a new A/C unit or if Repairing your A/C Unit is all that is required.

Your A/C Unit is a “Dinosaur”

Is your unit more than 10-15 years old? Is your system even manufactured any longer? Most HVAC technicians recommending replacing your unit if it is 15 years or older. There is a rule called the “5,000 rule” you take the age of the equipment and multiply that by the repair costs. If you get a number that is more than $5,000 than you should consider replacing your system.

Frequent Repairs and 24 Hour Emergency Service

Waking up to no air conditioning especially in the Virginia summer heat is no way to spend your nights. If you have recently call for emergency repairs or have seen your Air Conditioning System through a series of repairs, it may be a good time to think about replacing the old unit with a new more energy efficient unit.

Benefits to upgrading your HVAC system:

  • Instant Savings on Energy Bills
  • Better SEER Rating
  • Improved Air Quality
  • And So Much More….

Your Utility Bills Keep Rising

If your bills are going up and up as the summer progresses, your ac unit may be overworked. Clogs, leaking fluids, or your system turning on and off constantly are all signs that you need either an upgrade or at the very least yearly  Preventative Maintenance. Bert’s Heating and Air Conditioning will provide preventative maintenance on both your ac unit and your heating systems. Please visit our Preventative Maintenance page to see how we can help your family stay cool this summer.


Maintaining Your Air Conditioning

Is It Time to Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

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